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4 Reasons Why Linear LED Ceiling Lights Are Perfect For School Classrooms

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The cleverest student can't learn much if their classroom is too dark to see their work properly, and reliable ceiling lights are essential fittings in any classroom, assembly area or lecture hall. For many years, schools and colleges have primarily used fluorescent tube lighting to provide bright light at a reasonable price, but many schools are now upgrading to linear LED lighting for their ceilings.

Linear LED lights may look fairly similar to low-profile fluorescent ceiling lights, but they function quite differently, and these modern ceiling lights have numerous advantages over fluorescent lights and other alternatives. Here are four reasons why linear LED ceiling lights are ideal for providing light in any school classroom:

Excellent energy efficiency

Linear LED (or light-emitting diode) light are made up of hundreds or even thousands of individual LED lights, but each of these lights requires a minuscule amount of power to function. A linear LED ceiling light will use considerably less power than a fluorescent ceiling light of the same size and brightness, and they are many times more efficient than incandescent lights and other alternatives.

As you can imagine, replacing a classroom's existing ceiling lights with linear LED lighting can lead to substantial savings on power and energy bills — ideal for the limited budget of an average public school. They are particularly useful for isolated schools in rural communities, which often rely on solar panels and generators and have limited power supplies to draw on.

Minimal heat production

Incandescent bulbs are notorious for producing more heat than they do light, and while fluorescent bulbs are more efficient, large banks of fluorescent ceiling lights can contribute to intolerably hot classrooms during the summer months.

Linear LED lights are exceptionally efficient at turning energy into light and produce negligible amounts of excess heat. Linear LED ceiling lights will not noticeably raise temperatures in classrooms, even during the hottest parts of the year. This can also help schools rely less on expensive air conditioning systems, making linear LED lights even more cost-effective.

Range of colour temperatures

The light from an average fluorescent tube light is notoriously bright and harsh, and fluorescent ceiling lights are usually fitted with frosted shrouds to prevent eye strain in teachers and students.

The light produced by modern linear LED lights can be adjusted to a variety of colours, from a bright white light to a more muted, orange light that is easier on the eyes. Lights that can replicate the colour of natural sunlight are especially easy on the eyes and are ideal for helping students and school employees concentrate for longer and avoid stress headaches.

Attractive modern looks

Linear LED ceiling lights can also be attractive in their own right, as they produce solid, flicker-free bars of light and have a very modern, sleek profile. While schoolchildren probably won't be impressed, they can help to make schools look more well-appointed and sophisticated to impress parents, governors and inspectors.