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What to look for when hiring a professional workwear company

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Business uniforms are an excellent way of growing your brand and increasing outreach. When your team is dressed in a matching, professional manner, customers will feel more confident in your services and likely to come back later.

Many decisions go into selecting the right type of workwear. From choosing a quality fabric to balancing between cost and durability, you need a workwear company that can help you achieve your goals without breaking the bank. Here are key qualities to look for in a workwear company.    

1.    Opportunity to re-brand apparel

Businesses transform at a rapid pace these days. You may begin as a carpet cleaning service and eventually expand into a home improvement company. Along this journey, your logo, colours, and overall theme may change.

Make sure you choose a workwear company that can adapt to your re-branding strategy. This means that they should update your logo and other minor designs without a significant cost to you. Similarly, they should be able to provide recommendations with regards to colour choices, fabric, and other options that apply to your type of workwear.  

2.    Options for both men and women

With the workplace becoming increasingly diverse, you can't simply have clothing that has a one size fits all basis. You need comfortable options for both men and women. You also need a range of sizes that your team will feel comfortable wearing while on the job.

Perhaps the most common workwear-related mistake that companies make is having their employees wear a uniform that's uncomfortable or of the wrong size. When selecting as workwear company, make sure the service provides a range of sizes, gender options, and customisation options.

3.    Quantity discounts

Many workwear companies offer discounts when you order in large quantities. You can take advantage of such discounts to save costs on polos, boots, pants, reflective gear, and other types of clothing that your employees need. There are also discounts that apply to a specific dollar amount that you spend within a year, or for signing a long-term supply contract. Inquire about all available cost-saving options.  

4.    Easy customisation

When giving your employees a formal appearance, you should strive to stand out from the competition. This means having workwear that falls in line with the vision and mission of your company. From selecting the right colour shades to having polos with just enough thread count, little details matter when you're building a brand. Make sure your workwear company pays attention to such detail when preparing your designs.

And finally, having a satisfaction guarantee helps you make changes to the order if what you initially received didn't meet your expectations.