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Three Things To Consider When Choosing Curtains

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Choosing curtains for a room can be a difficult process with so many materials, designs and finishes available. This short guide offers three things you should think about before you buy curtains.

Choose A Material

A wide range of materials can be used to make curtains, from intricate lace to everyday cotton to luxurious damask. The choice of material can determine the overall feel of the room and can say something about the space – for example, velvet offers an old-fashioned, luxurious feel to your space. Think about the atmosphere you want and make a decision based on that and your budget. For example, you might choose velvet for a romantic bedroom but easy-to-wash cotton for a child's room or a kitchen.

Think About Light And Privacy

The amount of light and privacy you will require depends on the light that the room gets, the situation of your home and the function of the room. For example, if a lot of people walk past your home, you may want thicker curtains on each window. If you are looking for curtains for a room at the back of your home, you might want to try thinner, gauzy curtains. If you will need to sleep in a room, especially during the day, consider blackout curtains – they can block up to 99% of light, as well as some noise. Spend some time thinking about your needs, and trying to figure out a curtain type that suits you.

Pick A Colour

Choosing a colour for your new curtains is more of a personal decision, and it depends in large part on the existing décor of the room. You could choose a colour that complements your room through contrast, such as red curtains in a blue room, for a bold look. If you want a more understated vibe, choose one of the accent colours from your room and buy curtains in that colour. Think carefully about the colour you are going for, as it can really change the feel of the room – black curtains will give a room a very different feel than white curtains on the same window will.

If you spend some time looking at your room, thinking about the atmosphere you want it to have and choosing curtains that are the right material, texture and colour, you can ensure that your new curtains complement your space perfectly.

To learn more, contact a curtain store.